Finished Hoop House

Finally I’ve had a chance to go back out to Wild Onion Farm and see the finished greenhouse in action with greens planted all in a row. Apparently it got hot right after Elizabeth planted the winter greens and the irrigation she was using didn’t work as planned so there are a few thin spots here and there. She’s considering a low-mist type irrigation instead of her normal field drip for the winter crops.

She’s had to experiment a bit with the side panels as well, but she’s found using a simple low tech hanging string with a long screw to hold it is the fastest way to open up the house and least likely to break. The zipper doors are working well. And they are my personal favorite. All doors should be this easy to hang!

Of course there are still greens in the field and she’s using floating hoop houses out there for the more tender crops like chard to help it grow a few more weeks. Things like the bok choy, mustard greens, collards and cabbage are all growing well given the heat just a couple of weeks ago. There were still a few radishes that we were able to pick and some delightful broccoli and I’m really looking forward to these along with the salad greens tonight for dinner.

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