Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Families on the Go: Eggs

Eggs are getting more plentiful by the day. Longer days and warmer temps here in the south are helping chickens produce. So it’s time to start enjoying them again! They really take less than 5 minutes start to finish if you are just scrambling, frying or poaching. You can always hard boil a half-dozen to eat quickly during the summer when it’s too hot to cook. Creative eggs are simple if you plan ahead and require only basic tools and skills.

The evening before you want eggs you can chop up any additional ingredients like green onions, peppers, cheese, broccoli, bacon, ham or sausage and store it together  in your refrigerator. This is where leftovers come in handy! The peppers you see here were roasted late last summer and frozen. I just cut off what I need and thaw it. You can do the same with many vegetables.

Making an omelette is pretty easy. 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons water, salt & pepper and whatever fillers you like.  Use a non-stick 8″ pan with about a teaspoon of butter in the bottom. Spread it all over the bottom and up the sides a little as you heat the pan on MEDIUM.  You will get the pan too hot if you turn it to high and you’ll scorch your eggs before you get started. Remember those eggs are coming right out of the refrigerator and they are cold when they hit the pan.

Beat your eggs lightly with the water and seasonings. Pour the eggs into the pan and pick the pan up and swirl it around gently to spread the eggs out evenly.

Back on the heat for about 1 minute. As the eggs begin to set up, use a spatula to move the cooked part of the egg into the center and pick up the pan and move the liquid part of the egg to the outer edge; fill in the gaps so the bottom of the pan is covered with egg.  No holes. Repeat this all the way around the edge of the pan and about the time you are finished, your eggs will be setting up nicely.

Spread your fillings around the eggs and let the eggs continue to set up. This will take about another 3 minutes. If you are using goat cheese or another very soft, fresh cheese, then wait to add this cheese until your eggs are completely set to add it.

When the eggs look as set as you like to eat them, use your spatula to get under half of the eggs on the pan and flip that onto the other half of the eggs to make a half-moon. The eggs should be golden brown on the bottom and set up nicely. The water in the eggs will have evaporated in the cooking process so the eggs brown but don’t stick.

You can plate this and let it sit a minute to finish cooking while you finish getting your toast together. It’s that easy. If you really want it easier you can make a couple of these up one night ahead and warm one a day for a couple of days. Just remember to cover with wax paper and heat on 40-50% for about 1-2 minutes in the microwave. The time will depend on how many eggs and fillings.

Want an egg sandwich? Just scramble those eggs the same way with the water and use the pan the same way except you will keep moving the eggs around. As they begin to set you can add all of your fillings EXCEPT any cheese. You hold the cheese until the very end and put it in about 30 seconds before you finish cooking. Turn off the heat and let the eggs sit about a minute and the cheese will melt from the heat of the eggs.

Put this on your english muffin or toast and wrap it up to go if you are in a rush.  If you like a slice of ham on your muffin, try warming it in the pan with butter before you cook your eggs. It will flavor you eggs even more and it will brown the ham nicely. You can warm the whole thing at your office wrapped in wax paper on medium heat in the microwave for about a minute.

Have fun. Eat well.

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