Mushrooms are Disruptive

Fungi should be considered disruptive for many industries.

That’s a big statement and I hope it got your attention. Fungi were the first organisms to come to Earth more than 1.3 Billion years ago and plants followed several hundred Million years later. The largest organism on Earth TODAY is in Oregon and it’s 2200 acres in size and 2000 years old. Wow, that’s huge! Guess what it is? Put your head around all of those numbers. As an organism, fungi have clearly adapted well and for that reason alone, they are worth 20 minutes of your time today.

There’s a super cool TED video by Dr. Paul Stamets that I’d love for you to watch.  If it doesn’t spark your imagination about the possibilities we have in our future with mushrooms, I don’t know what will.

To get you started: here’s just a few of the highlights you’ll hear about.

  • biotech -farming – natural pesticides & clean up of hog waste spills after storms
  • energy- generation of fuels
  • sequester carbon dioxide and help form new soil from rock
  • conservation – eats petroleum waste,  improves soil structure, holds 30x it’s mass
  • medical – produce strong antibiotics, effective against pox strains & virus strains

The TED video by Dr. Paul Stamets on 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World can be found here: . Dr. Stamets’ book on the subject:  Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World

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