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We are often told to eat our greens, but even more importantly we should be taught to eat green. A healthy life is based not just in the nutrients you eat, but also in the growing, processing, packaging, delivery and disposal processes. And that is precisely what Tarheel Foodie is all about: creating wholesome meals from sustainable farm products that preserve the environment and minimizing waste. In the process of re-making recipes to fit a different lifestyle over the last several years, I have learned that it IS possible to eat more than 80% or more of local sustainable ingredients regularly in a nutritious diet. It is ONLY possible because we have an excellent established and growing farming community with support services in the form of farmers’ markets, mobile markets, restaurant pick-up markets, slow money lending, and farm delivery services. At the end of the day, more money flows into the pockets of our farming neighbors and keeps our personal waste to a minimum when we share the local bounty where we live and work.  Hopefully, we are all becoming more healthy in the process of learning to eat and cook whole foods again.

My conversion to local organic, sustainable foods started more than twenty years ago in an effort to provide my children with healthier food than I found on the grocery store shelves. Much has changed since that time and it is possible to find some great alternatives in stores now, but they are not without a price, which is too high for many people. With a formal education in Environmental Design from NCSU’s College of Design, my foundation is rooted in sustainable practices and rethinking processes and experimentation is a part of my curious nature. Hence, I like to cook.

On this website you can find many recipes that are easily adapted in different ways to meet dietary restrictions, speed for preparation, storage or travel. I try to update recipes as I find new ways to prepare them or different ingredients, so check back on your favorite recipes at the bottom for changes. For additional ideas, check out Tarheel Foodie on Pinterest where you can find additional links to recipes, and ideas for gardening, reusing household items and using vintage pieces everyday.  If you would prefer to follow the company on Twitter, most of the postings will be articles related to sustainable practices. And Facebook will contain links to recipes, ideas for a quick fix recipe or postings from farmers.

Tarheel Foodie uses sustainable / organic ingredients from local farms for in-home demonstrations, addressing quick meal preparation with simple food storage and healthy cooking techniques. Private chef services include customized meal plans using local seasonal organic ingredients. Demonstrations at farmers’ markets include creative recipes to utilize seasonal ingredients for all age groups.

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