Omelettes at the Farmers’ Market

I was going to start by linking to a list of omelette making tips because I thought there would be a standard set of instructions if you are just starting out. Well was I ever wrong! Everyone has an opinion on this topic!

The method I use is one I learned from the NC Egg Association way back when. It’s pretty simple so I’ll pass it on. Feel free to try it or stick to your own method. This seems to be foolproof for me and it’s the method I teach kids who are just beginning to cook.  They get a huge sense of accomplishment when they master this beautiful egg dish.

This process is more about patience and using a lower heat than anything else. We’re not in a restaurant where speed is key. Take your time and get comfortable with the steps and then you can turn the heat up just a little. Cooking eggs with high heat can make them tough and unevenly cooked which isn’t good for omelette making.


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  1. Cindy Jones says:

    Glad you love the Italian Black Truffle salt you purchased today at our Savory Spice Shop. Let us know how your guests enjoy the omelettes.

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